29 May 2006

May 29: A Special Day

I love May 29. It gives me a chance to do the following things:

1) Go out on a real date with my Bride,
2) Recycle old jokes like "we've decided to stick it out another year" or "it sure feels like 23 years, are you sure it has only been twelve?" or "we've been married X bitter years" (12 to be exact).
3) Celebrate a wonderful marriage with the most perfect woman God could have possibly given me.

At lunch last Sabbath, Jenny was recounting one of the Newbold myths: about how her interest in me was unrequited. The kids all looked at me like "were you stupid or something?" (Ellie in particular gives me that look five times a day--as regularly as Muslim prayers.)

What could I do? I just took my palm and smacked it against my forehead three times.

Happy Anniversary, Jenny George!


AMcNulty said...

Happy belated anniversary. It is good to see that picture. I still remember that day well. Oh to be 10 years old again:)

Norman McNulty said...

Can't believe it's been 12 years, JD. Congratulations.