15 May 2006

Family Crest Update

I've gotten a little more done on our Dittes family crest. I'd like to hear some feedback on this one, so let me know what you think.

I added two points that have real significance for Jenny and me. In the background on the right is Pennard Castle, a ruin on Wales's Gower Peninsula that Jenny and I discovered on the Most Awesome Hitchhiking Trip of our Lives in April 1991. We were camping along the beach there, and we hiked up to the top of some bluffs, where we found this beautiful castle overlooking the Bristol Channel. It's ours now.

On the top left is Picket Post Mountain, which watched over our first home in Superior, Arizona. We climbed it a number of times (Ellie climbed it once in utero), and it brings back some fond memories of our early married years.

In the foreground is a pine tree from our house in Tennessee. A trail connects the foreground to the background (my obsession is finding and building trails).

All that's left is some color. I also plan to add some dogwood branches to the lower right corner--again from our home here in Tennessee. I wasn't originally planning to have a 3-D effect in the crest, but I think it's really cool. It's as if we're looking through the trees at our home, back on the great events and places that brought us together as a family.

Let me know what you think!


Stephen McNulty said...

That's pretty neat. The best part is the pine tree.

april mcnulty said...

I like it. It does look 3-d.It starts looking big and then turns smaller.

Meg said...

Robyn sent me your blog address and I've just had a good browse catching up to date with you all. Just love the idea of a family crest and think it looks fantastic. Every family should have one!