24 May 2006

Ellie's Birthday

I'm still recovering from Ellie's birthday party this past Sunday. She wanted a Red Carpet birthday theme, so we had our invitees dress up like starlets, and we even spent $8 at WalMart to cover four yards of the sidewalk with red.

I hosted the red carpet walk--at least my alter ego, Tres Gay Jay, hosted the event (2nd picture).

After we cut cake, we filmed a movie called Scheme for Hollywood. The girls pretended a Hollywood director was looking for talent in their town, so they all pretended to do silly things like cry, die, and perform a romantic scene with Owen's oversized Bob the Builder doll.

In the end, the part went to Shoeless Jo (Jonah). I worked the next two nights editing the movie--and a bonus music video--which we gave to the invitees. Now I'm ready for bed!

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garnet said...

Hey, can you be in Kenya by tomorrow! I've got to plan a birthday party for a 2-year-old and between the final week of school when I was supposed to be teaching and grading but instead spent most of my time at the dentist, nothinig has come together. Anything connected with buses, trucks, tractors, or airplanes would be just fine!