29 January 2008

Man, I'm Old!

Yesterday was my birthday.

No wait, all of you know that. Some of you know that because you have loved me for a long, long time (thanks Norman, Julie, Mommily and others).

More of you know that because I am on Facebook and MySpace, community forums which publish my birthday and e-mail it to all of my friends. Honestly, I have never had so many happy birthday wishes. Umpteen discussion forums sent me automated e-mails. Marcos Madrid wished me happy birthday, which showed that he had finally forgiven me for giving him a failing grade in English his senior year at Superior High School (class of 1998).

I spent the day teaching--when your birthday is January 28, there is nothing to do outside of working a shivering in your bed. In the evening, Jenny took me to see U2-3D at the IMAX in Nashville. It was an awesome show and something that I completely enjoyed. I may write more about this experience later.

Today was my first chance to feel really old, though. Owen was talking about Lego Bionicles--his favorite toy, and his most recent obsession. He wanted to find out what Legos were like when I was a boy.

"Daddy," he said. "When you were a boy--you know, back in the 1900s--did they have Legos?"

The 1900s? I remember them well, I guess.

I'm beginning to really, really hate the 21st Century;)


Meg said...

JD, your blog entry made me laugh -kids have a way of saying things. Happy birthday, not so old friend and many many more....

Brian A. said...

I was thinking about seeing the U2 movie. I take your comment as a "thumbs up" review?

Man Eegee said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

And just to rub in your old-hood, we had a meeting over the weekend for the 10yr reunion. There were 10 of us and we've got a lot planned for 2008. Hope you and the family will consider joining us in October for homecoming! Will let you know when the date is - still waiting for the calendar.

paz, Manny