01 January 2008

Happy New Year!

It has been a busy Christmas break for me, getting caught up with work on my 2nd and 3rd jobs and too busy to blog.

I don't want to let the New Year pass without indulging in a tradition here on 'Point Pleasant:' posting U2's "40."

I love this song so much--and it's much better live than you'll find it on their album, "War!" The message is perfect for New Year's--and it comes straight from Psalm 40:

He put my feet up on a solid rock
to make sure I wouldn't slip.
He taught me how to sing the latest God-song,
a praise-song to our God.
More and more people are seeing this:
they enter the mystery,
abandoning themselves to God.
from The Message paraphrase

How long will it take until I can sing the song described by David in this psalm? I'm going to sing it now--and continue throughout 2008.

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