16 January 2007

Trying with Comedy Central

When I figured out how to post videos from YouTube, I think it made this blog a lot better. Now I'm going to try and embed videos from ComedyCentral into the blog.

Why? Two words, Stephen Colbert.

YouTube owes this guy, big time. People posted his rants all the time, and he was always one of the most popular. The demons at Comedy Central got him yanked for copyright reasons, but I'm bringing him back, my friends.

Colbert is the brilliant satirist who is the joy of American liberals like me. The post below includes a recent "rant" against the incoming Democratic congress, which touches on many of the highlights of his spiel--including the claim that he doesn't need to use his brain when he's thinking with his gut.

Considering that he's only marginally off the script of the right-wing nutcases that he's making fun of, Colbert is must-see viewing.

Let me know if you could see this--and tell me what you think.

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Stephen McNulty said...

There is Victory in being able to view this video!