23 January 2007

Another Step Forward with Technology

Last week I set up a MySpace page. It's my cousin's fault, I guess--although I shouldn't complain too much about cousins. Norman was the one who got me started with Blogger. Look at me now!

I didn't mention this to anyone, yet a few days later, my Inbox was full of "friend" requests from my students. I'm not sure how they found me, but I was flattered. Hey, anytime you have someone asking to be your 'friend,' how can you say no?

Yesterday, Corey--a student I'd taught two years ago and a MySpace 'friend,' encouraged me to upload video. I had never done this--either on YouTube or MySpace--so I decided to begin by uploading footage of my students' performances in class.

The video below is one of the presentations. I'll need to explain because (like most things having to do with teenagers) a lot of it is an 'inside joke.' We had read a story called "The Monkey's Paw" that used sound effects to build the suspense and tension of a thriller-style short story. Students had to use sound effects. They could not use words. The performances didn't quite turn out how I liked, but I'll share them anyway.

The video below features four of my female students performing "The Monkey's Paw." It probably won't make much sense to you, but it will give you an idea of what my classroom looks like and who some of my silliest sophomore students are. (My favorite is Kristen, the girl whose hand plays the role of "The Paw!"


Monkey's Paw 3

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Stephen McNulty said...

I found your site. You have to get Ellie on also. Or maybe she's too young. Here's the address everyone wants to know.


Amanda said...

Thanks for the address Stephen. I was just about to ask.

JD, I have a MySpace, and it's MY cousin's fault, too. And my sister's. The only way I can read their blogs is to be a member.

There's nothing on the "Space," though. It's just a means to an end. I much prefer Blogger...