21 December 2006

Christmas with the Ditteses

Jonah is full of the Christmas spirit this year, and it has been contagious.

At three years old, Jonah is "with-it" enough this year to understand what's going on. (The last few years he hasn't really known what was going on.) Now he cannot wait.

Today (my first full day off from school), he spent the morning playing with the wrapped presents under our Christmas tree. He puts half of them on one chair, the other half on the couch. He stacks them carefully, knocks them down, and then stacks them carefully again.

Of course, all this reminds me of when my sister and I were growing up. We carefully counted the presents to make sure everything was equal. Then we would stack them up and pretend they were trains, pipe organs, and any other items we could imagine. Christmas was fun, fun, fun!

It's fun again this year, thanks to Jo-Jo.

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