07 December 2006

Christmas Idea

I'm getting into the music of the season this year.

I downloaded a CD of Christmas Carols from the Stuttgart Boys Choir for my Grandma. He is in a nursing home, and I felt that playing German carols might light up some parts of his mind that haven't been used since he was a child, growing up in a German home in Brooklyn, NY.

Of course, I love them, too.

I want to emphasize Andrew Peterson's place on my Christmas listening list, too. Three years ago, he came out with a Christmas CD called Behold the Lamb of God. I love it, because throughout each, original song, he iterweaves the story of Christ's coming to redeem us with God's own redemption of the Children of Israel. By clicking this link, you can go to his web site. If you click, Open Player, you will go to the album, so you can listen to whichever song you like (you'll have to buy it, however, to download any songs for yourself).

I recommend "Deliver Us" and "Behold the Lamb of God." If you want to hear unbridled, brilliant songwriting, check out "Matthew's Begats." Amazing.

Merry Christmas!

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AMcNulty said...

Hey, I really like the song "Deliver Us" I have that playing on my myspace profile page. You can check that out at myspace.com/mcnulty11 It's an awesome song and I'm glad I found it.