17 January 2006

Word of the Day

My trips with the kids to the Portland library are always an event. Owen races to the collection of Magic School Bus videos to pick out two that he hasn't seen recently (he's checked out all of them four times, and the same can be said of most of the nature books).

Jo-Jo toddles everywhere after him, hoping to hold one of the videos--and giving the librarians dirty looks when they take them for check out.

Ellie searches for unread Nancy Drew mysteries. Today she checked out four. Between 5 p.m. and 10 she had read the first one. (Why is Ellie awake at 10 p.m? Snow day!)

When Jonah showed me his latest MSB find--a science video about volcanoes, I told him, "Jonah, I think you are a Magic School Bus expert!"

He grinned at this idea, twisted his lips together, and tried to copy me (with his adorable lisp, no less).

"Eppthert!" he said.

"Expert?" I asked. "Eppthert!" came the reply.

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