30 January 2006

Living Water

Tonight Owen, Jonah and I reviewed Owen's Bible lesson for the week: the Woman at the Well. I tried to focus on making friends with people who are racially, religiously, or socially different from us.

The lesson progressed in a typical disjointed fashion (sadly) for our worship. When I mentioned that Jesus had asked for a cup of water, Owen jumped up and raced to the kitchen. "I'm going to get a drink," he chirped.

"Sit back down," I told him. "You won't get up until worship is over."

"Awww!" he protested. "I haven't had a drink in minutes!" (Owen has little guile. Even when he's trying to manipulate me, he usually tells the truth in a precise, scientific manner.)

We finished the story, and I went to Plan B. What is living water? I asked. We talked about Jesus and how His friendship can make us happier than Sprite can.

We prayed, and I went into the kitchen and got a cup. "Who wants water?" I asked.

Jonah started toddling around the living room in his stagger-like jog. "I want living water!" he yelled, "I want living water!"

In one sentence he had taught a better worship lesson than I had in a whole story.

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