02 December 2007


This comes courtesy of my very pregnant friend, Amanda's Shilling in the Serpentine.

I'm not a big fan of mimes or of elaborately rendered sign-language songs at church, but comic Johan Lippowicz just cracks me up every time I watch his "duet" with Natalie Imbruglia on her one-hit-wonder, "Torn." His facial expressions are hilarious, as are his motions (the one for 'man' gets me every time).

Don't worry, I have some awesome Christmas videos to send along, but I'll wait a little longer.

I hope you're all enjoying your first week of Advent!

1 comment:

5Gustos said...

Funny, yes. But you could have warned us not to watch it with kids underfoot and staring over my shoulder...."What's he doing, Mom?!? Why????? ;-) Does this guy do "sign language" to other songs too?