19 October 2007

Check out my school web site

I've been taking a learn-as-you-go course on Dreamweaver (a web design software). I'm lucky to have a number of web sites to try the stuff out on. My favorite is my teaching web site.

I'm really proud of this thing. If you cruise on over, you'll see movie-style banners on the home page and the English 1 Honors page. On the German I page, you'll see links to photos of our recent history project: "Crusading mit Barbarossa."

I worked especially hard this week on a 'paperless' research project for my English 1 Honors class. Students had to research social classes in the 19th century. I set up an HTML form for them to enter their answers. Then I installed a 'SEND' button. When they were done with the research, they clicked the button, and their research was immediately sent to my Inbox.

Now that's cool! Hopefully those of you who knew my teaching abilities way back in the 20th Century, will be impressed by the modern changes.


Brian A. said...

High tech. Heh.

Couple things:

--You should recheck your email links. Some of them go to a non-existent web page instead of mailto:

--It's a bit difficult reading the small white type on a light gray background.

Otherwise, keep up the good work.

April McNulty said...

That's neat! I like it!

Manny said...

Hey, at least we had a copier instead of a mimeograph machine...although I'm sure there was one lurking somewhere in the admin office.