30 September 2007

A Worship Tip

One of the priorities a Christian faces is how to make worship more meaningful. I wanted to pass along one that is meaningful to me.

I've been singing hymns and praise songs for so long, I don't think there are many that I don't know by heart. I've started singing everything by memory. It's better that way, and it seems like more of an expression of worship than if I'm reading off a screen or from a hymnbook.

(My church has a modern early service and a traditional second service. On days when I sing with the choir, I go to both services, so I get to sing both praise songs and hymns.)

As I sing the songs, I often find myself looking down, rather than up at the screen where the words are. I find that when I'm looking down and to the left--in the lower left quadrant of my vision, the words mean so much more to me. I feel much more worshipful.

Is there anything to this? I've read in the past that you can often figure out what someone is thinking by the direction their eyes look when they look away from you. I'm not sure if I've ever found a connection between worship and where one looks with their eyes.

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April McNulty said...

I love singing hymns. I grew to appreciate them at my Youth for Jesus program during the summer. The youth there sang them with excitement and expression.

I read your post about Ellie and being her dad. I just read it last night. I'm sorry that is has been challenging. I think that as time goes on she will appreciate you as a dad. Losing my dad, I miss him very much. I disagree with you about daughters not being close to their dads. I was close to my dad. He went out of his way to make things fun for me, and I loved his sense of humor. I am having a hard time right now not having him growing a teenager into an adult.I can't wait to see him in heaven! I think that Ellie does love you, and someday that will show.