13 June 2007

Santa Fe Trail, Day 2

St. Louis was just an appetizer, the real fun would start in Independence, Missouri, the point from which all trails west lead across the western United States--to Oregon, to California, and to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Our stop at the National Frontier Trails Museum revealed a mother lode of experiences for the kids: they rode in a covered wagon pulled by a mule, they loaded up a wagon of their own for a trip across the prairie...there was lots of hands-on stuff to do (just what I like in a museum). Ellie would want me to add that there was a pretty good gifts shop, too.

Here's the video:


april mcnulty said...

Hey, I really like the video. Looks like the kids are learning a lot of history, and about Santa Fe trail out west. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Anonymous said...


I am Dade. I just saw th evideo in its entirety, both actually, at Stephen's apartment. Here it doesn't take breaks after two-second splotches. I loved it. The kids now know the Wild West in reality as well as television. That Kansas prairie looks restful. Julie, thanks for your call a while ago.