27 May 2007

Blast from the Past: the Ultimate Levi's 501 Jeans Trailer

For all you former Newboldians, this commercial deserves another look. It came out in theaters during my year there, 1990-91, and it was soooo cool.

Later, during the Newbold Talent Show, Gunther and I spoofed this commercial. Gunther came riding into Assembly Hall riding a moped we had borrowed. Andrew Cox was at the front of the hall, wearing a Newbold Business Club sweatshirt and trying to pick up Suzanne Jean-Baptiste.

Gunther rides up, wearing his sunglasses and looking cool, pulls a Newbold Student Association sweatshirt out of his leather jacket, and gives it to Suzanne. She casts a scornfull look back at Andrew and got on the back of Gunther's moped.


Good times, folks. Now those were good times, weren't they?


paying said...
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Amanda said...

Wow. I am watching this on an unfamiliar computer and can´t hear the sound, but I KNOW the music that goes with that ad very well indeed. How great are adverts in British cinemas!? I remember going to see Presumed Innocent with you...remember that? I wonder if they showed this on that occasion.

I had no idea about the spoof with Gunther et al. Excellent! It must´ve been after I was gone that term. I sure wish I had seen it. I´ll have to look through Peter´s video collection and see if by any chance it´s in there. He has a few old British and International night tapes...

Good times INDEED.

Hey, by the way, are you in contact with Herr Pratz? I´ve tried to get back in touch with him without success and would really like to get his email address from you if you have it.