09 April 2006

No School Tomorrow

I'll be home tomorrow, and the weather will be perfect.

Sadly, most people and businesses in my school's district will spend their day recovering from the single most devastating weather attack I have witnessed in my area in my lifetime.

Last Friday, around 2:15 p.m. Two tornadoes ripped through southern Sumner County. One passed within about 200 yards of my high school, while another ripped through the administration building at Volunteer State Community College and made the car dealerships on the other side of highway 31E look like my sons' bedroom floor.

I was away from school when it struck, supervising students at a Youth in Government conference in Nashville. I did get to visit my school on Saturday morning, and I captured some photos from the video I took.

This is one of the electrical poles behind the school. Along with this light pole, one of the light towers on the baseball field also was knocked down.

The storm also tore down the goalposts in the end zone of our football field. Of course, our team was 1-8 this year, so it would take a tornado for that to happen! To the front right of the goalpost, you will see the scoreboard. The building behind the field was the baseball/softball scorehouse, concession stand.

Apparently the roof was ripped off the top of the gym. Some windows were also broken. Hopefully we'll be back in school on Tuesday.


AMcNulty said...

Hey Jd, I have been affected by these tornados. Seeing it hit Vol State and the fact that it was not far from Portland has caused me to do some reflecting on the fragility of life. I am grateful that the family is ok. In regards to the coat of arms, I understand why most of the flags are there, but why is Finland there? I was just curious. An idea I had for the coat of arms was Norway's flag. I collect flags so I get a little carried away with them.

Norman McNulty said...

Glad all of the family was ok. I heard about the tornadoes on the news out here before anyone from home had a chance to tell me about it. Hope all is well with you.

JD said...
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