23 March 2006

New Internet Fun

According to my students, I'm one of the last to pick up on this, but I've had fun experimenting with Pandora over the past two days.

If you're not familiar with it, Pandora is an online music cache that will stream a unique radio station through your computer. You simply fill in a number of artists you like, and it selects music for you based on those tastes. Furthermore, you can set up separate accounts. I have three accounts. Girls Rock Radio was set up by Ellie to sample teenybopper songs from Hilary Duff and Aly & A.J. and others. I listen to JD Pop during the day and evenings. It features BritPop along with some Bruce Hornsby, U2, and Five for Fighting for a pretty crazy mix. In the morning I listen to an Inspirational/Bluegrass mix to get my day started right.

The cool thing is I don't have to choose the music. Pandora acts as my brain!

1 comment:

Stephen McNulty said...

Great service. I check it out and it's like having your own radio station. To let you know. I clicked on the link and it goes to www.pantera.com not www.pandora.com. I was like what is this junk! But than I figured it out.